DEC Gamma-11 units in private collector hands?

Philippe Vachon philippe at
Thu Oct 25 22:30:50 CDT 2007

Hi everyone,

Being personally quite interested in DEC's laboratory systems, I
stumbled a few days ago upon some scant details on DEC's nuclear medical
imaging system, the Gamma-11. Apparently this PDP-11 was designed to be
connected to a Gamma Camera, and had a VT11 or VSV11 display system
connected to it. As well, along with it came a modified version of

I was wondering if anyone on the list had one of these machines and knew
what parts made the hardware a Gamma-11, as well if anyone had manuals
online that they might share, as well as potentially the software for
the unit. There's not really much that I can see on Bitsavers, but I
might not have looked hard enough; I found the VSV11 and VT11 option
manuals, but that seemed to be about it.


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