Altair 8800 Help (Another Follow-Up)

Grant Stockly grant at
Fri Oct 26 13:39:50 CDT 2007

>So, I re-entered the little "copy" routine, ran it, then halted the
>machine from the infinite loop at the end of the copy code, reset the
>CPU, set the address switches to 0x4C00, put the Altair Disk Extended
>BASIC disk into the floppy drive, held my breath, and flicked "RUN".
>The drive immediately loaded the head at Track 0, lights on the front
>panel were blinking like crazy, then the drive advanced the head to
>track 1, and then track 2, then suddenly, on the terminal, I see "MEMORY

Put an AM radio next to the computer with the lid off and it will 
sound crazy when you are running programs off of disk.  Instant 
Sci-Fi movie effect.

I've written a program that transfers the disks into a computer for 
archival and preservation.  Are you interested in using it to save 
your disks?  The disk images are compatible with the Altair32 emulator.

I've used it to image very sensitive disks with many errors.  I was 
able to go through the disk on my windows machine and extract information.


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