Indicator tubes for transistor logic machines.

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tony said:

> These sound a lot like what we caleld 'DM160's in the UK. These are about 
> the size of a 1.24" (3AG??) cartridge fuse and have 4 active leads coming 
> out of one end.
> 2 of them are a filament (direcctly heated cathode), running at about 1V. 
> Another is the anode/target, which IIRC has a grid-like structure, It is 
> normally riun at about 30V +ve wrt the filament. The fourth wire is the 
> control grid, IIRC with the grid at the smae voltage as the filament the 
> device glows green, a -3V grid bias cuts it off and it's dark. Needless 
> to say the actual current drawn y the cotnrol grid from the transistor 
> logic is minimal/

According to my data book:
Filament  1.0V  0.03A
Target Volts 50V
Target Current 0.585mA
Grid Voltage Change 0 to -3

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