Warning ATT-Yahoo now blocking cctalk as spam

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Mon Oct 29 15:07:53 CDT 2007

Re: " I just got off the phone with SBCglobal and discovered that they have
begun filtering this list as SPAM/Bulk mail. I use a pop3 mail reader and
have never accessesd their webmail before, so I am sure I never turned any
filtering on. I was supprised to find that AT&T is no longer able to manage
their own mail servers and are relying on the Yahhos at yahoo to do it for
them. After about 30 minutes on the phone with India, I was able to get
cctalk whitelisted for my account, but not whitelisted in general so others
using AT&T Yahoo mail servers will likely still have problems."

Of course, the people who are not receiving this are also not going to
receive this explanation of WHY they are not receiving it.

But it fails EVERY test for SPAM.

First, it's not selling ANYTHING.

Second, the recipients REQUESTED to receive it.

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