Quay 900 (generic S-100) systems available in Denver

William Maddox wmaddox at pacbell.net
Sun Sep 2 22:56:40 CDT 2007

--- Sellam Ismail <sellam at vintagetech.com> wrote:

> Anyone interested in these?
> http://www.siconic.com/crap/Quay-900-1.jpg
> http://www.siconic.com/crap/Quay-900-2.jpg
> They are in Denver, Colorado.
> I have a couple myself, though they are not "Quay"
> branded.  Mine are 
> generically generic (no branding at all).  I believe
> they have Godbout 
> inside.

I used a Quay system briefly in 1980 that looked
like these.  The innards appeared to be proprietary,
and were built on a couple of large boards mounted
horizontally, IIRC, not S-100 style.


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