AT&T PC6300 available, in Fort Worth, TX, USA

Jim Battle frustum at
Tue Sep 4 21:33:52 CDT 2007

Today I received an email from a gentleman in possession of an AT&T 
PC6300, wanting to know if I wanted it for the cost of shipping.  I'm 
not interested in collecting PCs, so I said I'd pass it on to the list.

Here is his description of the machine:

(start of quote)

As the original purchaser, I am seeking a new home for a pristine 1985 
Personal Computer with peripherals, software, and original 
documentation.  All were functioning perfectly in February 1998, when 
replaced and stored.

All items are in their original boxes:
AT&T PC6300 with 256KB RAM and two 5-1/4" floppy drives, Color Monitor, 
Keyboard, Mouse, and Citizen MSP-15 dot matrix printer with 8-1/2x11 and 
11x15 tractor feed paper.

As you know, this PC was the state of the art technology in 1985 and the 
best and fastest of the pre-"Windows" operating system platforms.  It is 
an excellent representation depicting the end of the Dot Matrix and DOS 

(end of quote)

If you are interested, please mail me off-list at frustum at 
I'll forward his contact information to you (I'd put it here, but some 
people reasonably don't like having their personal information stuck in 
a public forum archive).


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