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Masscomp, when they were absorbed into Concurrent Computer
Corperation, temporally manufactured Masscomp Multibus systems at CCUR's
re-manufacturing (repair) facility in Cork but only during the inital
takeover period.

This was because most of the assembly staff in the Masscomp USA (Westford)
plant resigned, suprisingly when they refused to relocate to Detroit which
was the location of the manufacturing plant for CCUR.


On 03/09/07, Rod Smallwood <RodSmallwood at> wrote:
> DEC Did indeed make systems in Ireland. There where two plants one in
> Galway and something else at Clonmel
> I went to Galway loads of times. It was a big FA&T operation assembling
> 11/34's, 11/70's etc. VAX I suppose later. I think Clonmel was a
> software duplicating and packing operation for Europe. There was also a
> plant at Ayr in Scotland.
> The Scottish plant was called Silicon Glen and the Irish one Silicon
> Bog.
> Rod
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> >> I was going to ask about Irish machines and see that James got there
> >> first; did Ireland ever make any micros?
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> > I thought I read on some faq that DEC had some computers made in
> > Ireland.
> > I think potatoes not puters when it comes to Ireland
> Many an Apple was made in their factory in Cork.

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