D-shell sizes [was Re: Slightly rare Mac 512k with D(?)-25 connector]

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Sep 5 13:48:20 CDT 2007

> Plus of course there are some weird designs out there in D-shells
> with a variety of pin sizes - e.g. 13W3 connectors for Sun/SGI video,
> and ISTR HP using something similar but with a smaller (DA?) shell
> size.

I have a machine somewhere that uses 3W3 - basically, 13W3 without the
ten individual pins, and the shell shrunk correspondingly, to about DA
size (it's at home and I'm not, so I can't be precise about the shell

> (Also, weren't some Apollo token ring connectors something like a 5W2
> on an DE-sized shell?)

Could be; I don't know either way, though.

> There's some other weird stuff about too which uses D-type shells
> with round pins, but a much smaller form-factor (shell and pin
> diameters).

I have a few SBus SCSI/Ethernet cards for which the Ethernet is a funny
connector with a shell that looks about like a DA scaled by 1/2, and
the female connector just has hollow metal cylinders for the pins,
without the plastic fill that most female D-shell connectors have.
(Also, it's possible that pin sex and shell sex are reversed with
respect to one another, as compared to full-size D-shell connectors -
again, they're at home and I'm not.)

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