Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Sep 5 16:05:47 CDT 2007

On 5 Sep 2007 at 13:34, Fred Cisin wrote:

> IIRC, Xenix WAS Unix.  There were two parts of a Unix license, code and
> name.  Xenix was fully licensed on code, but did not license the "Unix"
> name trademark.
> Leastwise, that's how it was written up in infoworld, etc. at the time.

There were, I recall, some significant differences.  Like BSD, I 
think it'd be safest to term it "Unix derivative".  AT&T got really 
strange in the early 80's about their licensing terms.  At some 
point, I think, they were pushing a per-seat fee.  No more of "Pay us 
$50K and we'll send you a tape that you can play with however you'd 

I have MS-DOS 2.0 release notes from Microsoft that says that they 
intended to turn MS-DOS into a single-user Xenix-work-alike.  


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