MAC emulation?

Bob Lafleur bob_lafleur at
Thu Sep 6 16:48:56 CDT 2007

There's BasiliskII... Not sure if it will meet your requirements.

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On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 10:33 -0500, Tom Uban wrote:
> I have a Powerbook 150 running System 7.? and only really use it for
> one purpose, which is to run the old MOTU FreeStyle and FreeMIDI tools.
> My question is if there is an emulation environment available for a PC
> which provides enough facility to run System 7 (or possibly 8) and these
> applications which need to talk MIDI via one of the serial ports and
> a MIDI interface?

I've got a couple of powerbooks of similar era that I'd like to get some
sort of sequencer for.  Maybe an early version of Cubase, like I used to
use on the ST.


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