Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

Bernd Kopriva bernd at
Fri Sep 7 02:58:51 CDT 2007

i've collected some of those processor boards (all of them are ISA cards), among them
- 2 different Opus SparcCards
- Opus 32332
- Definicon DSI-32 (32032), DSI-780 (68020)
- 2 different Microway NumberSmasher (Intel i860, one EISA)
- Yarc ProTran (Transputer)
- Zaiaz 933 (Clipper) : unfortunately no docs/software :(
- QXL (68040)
- Janus (68000, Atari)
- various Z-80 boards

Some of them include a complete Operating System (mostly UNIX), others have only
some basic runtime environment, so you're mostly on your own (which makes more fun :))

There are at least two cards, that i really want to add to this collection :

Steve Ciarcia's Trump Card (Z-8001)
Siamese 68040 (Mac on a PCI card), developed by a UK company

but i'm constantly looking for other cards as well

Ciao Bernd

On Thu, 06 Sep 2007 01:31:10 -0400, Roy J. Tellason wrote:

>On Wednesday 05 September 2007 14:10, Chris M wrote:
>>  Here's a neato question: You mentioned coprocessor
>> boards, and in fact some kinda sorta functioned that
>> way (in some sense - stuff got offloaded to the mpu on
>> the board I guess). But what were some early ancillary
>> processor boards for the pc/at/?. That is, where you
>> plugged a whole 'nother puter into your main puter,
>> and got to run separate apps off of that? Hmmmmm

>I'm remembering a couple of those in Byte,  which I stopped reading sometime 
>in the eighties.  A 32032?  (I never could keep the numbers of that family 
>straight).  A Z8000 for sure.  Maybe a 68K of some sort. It's all very 

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