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Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 13:45:41 CDT 2007

--- Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk>

> Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > Chris, please just post the item number for these
> things or use 
> > TinyURL or the like for the links.  The darned
> eBay links wrap 
> > several lines in my email reader and require me to
> dig the number out 
> > manually.
> ... and where possible say in the message what the
> item is (sounds like that 
> wasn't possible in this case!) rather than just
> posting a "look at this" link. 
> I rarely waste the CPU cycles to fire up a browser
> unless I have some idea of 
> what I'm going to be looking at!
> p.s. I think most modern-ish apps will make sense of
> URLs between <> 
> characters and not wrap them across multiple lines;
> I think it is some 
> standard or other, but there's no guarantee that
> *everything* from the last 
> ten years will handle it :-)

 Goofy yahoo even has a new feature (creature) whereby
a balloon opens up if you hover over a url. I can
understand why the goofy thing doesn't recognize such
a url. Goofy

Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search 
that gives answers, not web links. 

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