Does anyone use RT-11?

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Sun Sep 9 13:02:07 CDT 2007

 >Paul Anderson wrote:

>I hope to have it running on an 11/05 and a 11/34 late this year'
Jerome Fine replies:

Yes that seems to be the goal, but what will you do with
RT-11 at that point?  If playing games is the objective,
then RT-11 is not really being used except to start the

Based on the few responses, I guess that no one is writing
any programs, let alone modifying any utilities.  And almost
certainly, no one seems to be modifying device drivers or
the operating system itself.  If anyone is actually interested
in that aspect, please let me know.

Tim also sent a short reply which was very appreciated.
However his job and family commitments are such that
Tim no longer has any time to give to RT-11.  But any
help in locating old source files would be appreciated.
I have been unable to locate the most recent source code
for SDX.SYS which places most of the code and data in high
memory.  Also missing is the most recent source code for
MACRO-11.  The Y2K source code modifications would also
be interesting, but are not extensive.

One interesting (and almost trivial) modification to the
operating system is support for READ ONLY files.  The
resident monitor requires modifications in only a couple
of areas to support READ ONLY files.  However, DIR and
PIP require far more - is anyone interested?  Probably
the user visual interface is the most easily decided.
Protected files are shown by DIR with a "P" beside the
file name.  If the file is READ ONLY, then an "R" can
be used.  I suggest using "r" (lower case) when the
file is both READ ONLY and Protected.  Does anyone
have any other suggestions - other than using TWO
characters as with "PR"?  When two files are displayed
per line (as is the normal case) and the starting block
numbers are included, 40 characters per file description
is just too limited and more than 80 characters per
line is not recommended.  Now that the year requires
4 digits, there is not enough room for even 2 more
characters on the line.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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