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On 10/09/2007, Rob <robert at> wrote:
> On 10/09/2007, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:
> > But a little picture of a printer works everywhere.
> >
> Only if you know what a printer is looks like.  And I don't know about
> you, but the "little picture of a printer" on, let's say, the Print
> button in MS Word, looks absolutely nothing like any of the printers I
> have here.   Now *I* know that it looks like a big old impact printer,
> with output coming from the top, but the vast majority of the general
> public these days will never have seen such a beast! [...]

That's true, but then, a simple old dot-matrix makes a more
distinctive pictogram than a laser, which tends to be a simple box.

But so long as people learn to associate the pictogram with its
meaning, it works, and it's international and does not require

The symbols in Chinese no longer resemble the concepts behind them in
any recognisable way, but it is the single biggest single-language
nation on the planet. Their literally hundreds of dissimilar
mutually-unintelligible dialects and tongues are united by a single
written language, one which has no connection with the spoken forms,
which is based on pictograms.

It *works.*

> No wonder mass-market PCs are produced with *colour coded* connectors,
> and mass-market peripherals are issued with matching coloured plugs...

That is a good plan, I must concede.

Unless, of course, you're colour-blind.

> > Stop being so provincial!
> Hey, we ruled half the world at one point...

Long before my parents were born, or, I suspect, my grandparents, so
not terribly relevant now!

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