Wang 300 Calc

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Wed Sep 12 20:42:56 CDT 2007

The good news is that the symbols (at least for modernish interfaces) 
seem to be being standardized. Be nice if they back-standardized though 
for things like serial and parallel.

Another issue with words is "which $LANGUAGE" - I remember distinctly 
opening up the Volvo service manual and being totally confused by 
"bonnet" when I was about 12. I imagine that someone in England would 
be even more confused by "hood" (since I think it means the drop-top on 
a convertible over there). Symbols are fair in that they are equally 
inconvienient for all.

BTW "la computadora" is the standard in Latin America (where the stop 
signs are a red octagon with "ALTO" in them).

What I would like to see is connectors designed to be easy to mate. I 
dislike struggling with a connector because I'm some small fraction of 
an inch off and eventually having to take everything off the machine 
and turn it around so I can see what I'm doing. The modular jacks are 
good for blind connections, but USB is terrible (and most D-subs are 
hard, too. At least 13W3 gives you a tactile method to determine 
whether you're right-side up).

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