8-bitters and multi-whatever

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 15:01:15 CDT 2007

> There was also the Ecolink board made by Acorn - a full-length ISA card for an 
> x86 PC, containing a 6502, RAM, and the familiar 68B54 ADLC chip. I don't 

Now you mentione it, I rememebr it. They turn up on E-bay from time to 
time and always sell for a very high price (more than I would pay for one...)

Acorn also made some specific econet hardware -- the Filestores (6502 + 
Econst module + drives + hard idsk interface), the Bridge (6502 + 2 
econet interfaces, basically), and for real enthusiasts the 'test box' 
(which basically pvided a clock source and allowed you to simulate a 
typical lossy econet cable)

> think Acorn ever sold many - Acorn and x86 PC users just tended to move in 
> different circles, so there wasn't much call for a crossover.
> Torch also used Econet ("TorchNet") on their systems which used the BBC micro 
> system board as the I/O processor, of course. Plus I recently found out that 
> SJ Research released an Econet board for the RML 380Z - something of a 
> surprise given how RML used to push their own co-ax network technology.

Given that Both BBC micros and RRML380Z were commonly found in UK 
schools, I am not suprised that a 3rd party company made a product to 
allow them both to sit on the same network. I would have been a lot more 
suprised if RML had made the board themselves.

> >> outside of a show stand. I don't think enough Sinclairs got used in
> >> schools to make the Sinclair network worthwhile.
> What happened with the QL machines (and, by extension, the ICL OPD)? Did they 
> also feature the same network ability? I just wonder if it was a little more 

Certainly the QL has the network hardware built-in. I believe it was 
compatible with the Spectrum version, and that QLs and Sprctrums could 
sit on the same network.


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