Kaypro movcpm.com

Ralph E. Dodd redodd at comcast.net
Fri Sep 14 19:22:26 CDT 2007

Hello Kaypro fans,

I'd like to put a Kayplus83 rom into a Kaypro II so I can add double sided drives and have all the other nice stuff that the rom provides.  It's the early model with an 81-110B1 motherboard that needs the wiring for the floppy side 2 added.  The Advent Turborom manual has the wiring mods needed for side 2 access.  The Kaypro II comes with a 2K eprom and the Kayplus83 is an 8K.  Again the Turborom manual tells how to access a 4K rom and adding access to the A12 line should make the 8K rom work.  I think that I've got that part all worked out.  To make the Kayplus boot disk, you have to have a system size of 62K or smaller.  My Kaypro II disk has a 64K system.  When I run movcpm.com to change the system size, the program hangs.  I also tried the version of movcpm that comes with the Kaypro 4 and that hangs also.  So question (1) is, has anyone gotten this program to work or is there another easy way to do this?  There's a blurb on the net about the Kaypro 1 movcpm not working right but I didn't see anything about the Kaypro II version.  Question (2) is, should the movcpm program from another Kaypro model work on a II or are they all specific to 1 model.  TIA.


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