EPROM Erasers?

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 21:21:44 CDT 2007

I built my own EPROM eraser quite a while back. It's
not hard, and it was a fun afternoon project. It
turned out very well.

Basically, I used:

-A germicidal tube. This was purchased at a PetSmart
locally. It is intended for a pond filter to kill
-A cheap fluorescent light fixture that takes the
appropriate bulb (12" T6, IIRC) as the germicidal
-A broken microwave oven
-A case scavenged from a junk QIC style tape drive
-scrap pine board

I built a wooden drawer that slid into a simple sealed
wooden box and built that into the metal tape drive
case. Inside this box, I mounted the light fixture
(with it's white diffusion cover removed), and a
microswitch that it is closed when the drawer was
fitted all the way in. The microwave's control board
and display were recycled into a standalone timer,
rigged into the light fixture, and the door switch
wired in the same way the microwave's door switch was.
I replaced the horrid membrane microwave keypad with
the keypad sawed off the end of a junked Apple IIe
Platinum keyboard. Once I got everything wired up and
tested, I swapped in the UV tube (always practice with
the tube that came with the fixture - you know, the
one that won't burn your skin off)

The end result, I have an aluminum box with a wooden
drawer in the front, and inside a wooden, sealed box
containing the UV light. The tray is a simple flat
board on which I can line up as many EPROMs as I want
(up to a foot of chips). On the front of my device is
a keypad and a display, and I can type in the amount
of minutes I want it to run for, and start it - it
shuts off when the time runs out, or if I open the
drawer. It also doubles as a clock.

Very handy. A little cobbled-together looking, but it
works very well.


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