Help identifying a PDP-11

Tobias Russell toby at
Sat Sep 15 15:01:10 CDT 2007


Can anyone help me identify my latest PDP-11 rescue. Not been able to get a good look at it yet as it is in a room packed (and I mean packed) with junk. Machine consists of a DEC Datasystems cab (about 35-40U with a blue bottom panel, pretty similar to light blue cabs here:

I'm not familiar with the DEC Datasystems versions of PDP-11s. Does anyone have any background information on them? 

Also, I'm pretty sure I've not lucked out and found an 11/70 as no toggle switch console, any ideas on what other models were fitted to these cabs. I'm guessing 11/34.

Machines is fantastic condition having been stored for last 30 years. Comes with 2 x RK07s (in floor standing cabs) and a tape drive.

Only downside is I'm having to hire a crane to remove the machine (as its on 1st floor).

Any advice on moving RK07 drives? Do I need to lock heads?

Many thanks,

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