DEC Alphaserver 1000A simm choices

dsnyder danieldsnyder at
Sun Sep 16 13:52:13 CDT 2007

I seem to recall somewhere in cctech archives having read a discussion about
Alphaserver 1000A
simm configuration choices. Maybe it was in a newsgroup.. The question is
can I use 128M simms
in a 1000A? I recall someone tried this size in a Alphastation 250 and all
simms were recognised.
I know 64M simms work as the SOC shows kits containing this size were
available. I realize the simms
are the 36 bit type. I currently use a mixture of 32M and 64M in the various
banks in my 1000 and 1000A,
the simms are a mixture of original DEC and HP simms. I did search the
cctech archives and nothing

Dan Snyder

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