cctalk Digest, Vol 49, Issue 46, Message 18, PS/2 Interface (was: Wang 300 Calc]

Mike Hatch mike at
Mon Sep 17 03:35:06 CDT 2007

Try and go for the General Connectors page 
Many type on that page but I think you should see what is described towards 
the bottm.


> Anyway, the connectors I am thinking of were part of as series. They were
> circular, most of them were chassis mouting plugs and cable sockets. The
> plug was recessed into the panel, and the socket part fitted into it.
> There were 1.5A and 5A versions with 2, 3, or 6 pins. Polaraision was
> acheaived by a groove down the side of the socket part and a
> corresponding ridge in the recessed plug. In many cases the wire
> terminals on the socket part were covered by a simple screw-on cap which
> means they're not not approved for use above 50V (since you can unscrew
> said cap and get access to live parts without the use of a tool). There
> were later mocels of some of the sockets with the cover held on by
> screws, AFAIK those are still OK for mains use.
> If you like I can tey to find the part numbers for them.
> -tony

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