Is there a way to post without a fee to newsgroups?

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Sep 17 13:52:22 CDT 2007

Golan Klinger wrote:
> This thread is off-topic so please forgive my posting this follow-up.

It actually got me wondering when apps started really pushing (or forcing) 
functionality on users outside of their core reason for existing (such as a 
web browser trying to be an email client, or an email client trying to be a 
usenet client etc.)

I suspect that aspect *is* on topic :-) Netscape circa mid-90's is one of the 
first culprits I can think of, but doubtless there were others long before 
then? (Note I'm not talking about small bundled utility apps or functionality 
which is related to the central purpose of an application - more the cases 
where something that was recognised as doing one job suddenly branched out and 
started offering something completely different)

[Not a practice that I agree with at all - memory and disk footprint often 
increases, and stability goes down, all for extra functionality which a 
separate dedicated app nearly always handles better]

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