Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

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Mon Sep 17 17:09:15 CDT 2007

On Monday 17 September 2007 17:48, Brent Hilpert wrote:
> Antonio Carlini wrote:
> > woodelf wrote:
> > > Stange I remember magizines for the COCO 90% BASIC listings. The other
> > > 9% cartridge games for sale. The other 1% Ads like upgrade your ...
> >
> > I too remember computer mags in the early days with listings but
> > they were rarely more than a page or two IIRC. The only one I
> > recall ever buying was a Speccy one that had a "flexible" 45rpm
> > disk on the cover. I didn't have a speccy at the time and it sounded
> > awful on the record player :-)
> >
> > But those "you'll have to be a pre-programmed EPROM" type projects
> > were 32KB upwards. I never bought one, so I've no idea how much
> > real data was there, but even 16KB-worth of listing seems like
> > a lot to print (and type!). Much more than a few BASIC listings.
> > (I've just scanned what I think is the source listing to an
> > RML COS Monitor listing runs to 58 pages for maybe 4KB. Even
> > if half of that is comments and index and symbols corss references
> > that could be discarded, that's still a lot of pages for a
> > few KB.
> ... there was that attempt (late 70's?) by Byte or Kilobaud to establish a
> bar-code-type standard to print bit-streams of code/data in the magazine
> that users/readers would read into their computer with a wand.

"Paperbytes" (tm) comes to mind,  though I can't recall now which magazine it 
was that had that in there...

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