Help identifying a PDP-11

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Look further down the list for a post entitled 

"Re: New acquisition" 

This guy has the the most boo-ti-ful DS570 Decdatasystem I have ever
All the right periperials, LA36 console priner, VT crt and what looks
like an LP11 line printer.
Get a load of that lights and switches front panel.

I think the DS570 is the 11/70 version. 


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A couple of other things have come to mind. 

DEC DataSystem usually indicated that it supported *DIBOL running under
OS/8, RT11 or VMS 

They were intended to be a business package system ready run and often
included training, installation  and maintenance.

There's a possible confusion here 'DEC System' refered to a DEC10 or
DEC20 and DEC DataSystem to one of  these package jobs.

*Program Structure like COBOL. Syntax like Fortran/BASIC. BCD Arithmetic

 Rod Smallwood

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> Can anyone help me identify my latest PDP-11 rescue. Not been able to 
> get a good look at it yet as it is in a room packed (and I mean
> packed) with junk. Machine consists of a DEC Datasystems cab (about 
> 35-40U with a blue bottom panel, pretty similar to light blue cabs

> I'm not familiar with the DEC Datasystems versions of PDP-11s. Does 
> anyone have any background information on them?

> Also, I'm pretty sure I've not lucked out and found an 11/70 as no 
> toggle switch console, any ideas on what other models were fitted to 
> these cabs. I'm guessing 11/34.

That is an 11/70, but with the "remote diagnostics console". You will
find a M8255 KY11-RE in there to connect up a modem to give remote
console access. Probably hooked up to a modem that was owned by DEC
maintenance org and leased as part of the maintenance agreement. I'm
sure that sometimes they asked for the modem and console back if the
maintenance contract was terminated but as a practical matter I find
that they hardly ever reclaimed the equipment.


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