Does anyone have a SGI Onyx 10000 RealityEngine2?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Fri Sep 21 22:07:26 CDT 2007

Robert Borsuk wrote:
>     I have three of these units which I have transported on a small 
> trailer I pull behind.  The frame is very  sturdy (built like a tank) 
> but if I was to tip it to transport it, I would take a picture and label 
> the boards and then remove them for travel.  The skins themselves are 
> fairly heavy.  The unit isn't really top or bottom heavy (in my opinion 
> only) it seems more center heavy (cards and drives located more towards 
> the center.  I would probably leave the supplies in it.
> Only my two cents.

My experience has been the opposite, actually.  Every single server move 
I've done where we opted to leave things in the rack has had something 
shake loose or, rarely, outright break.  I've had to replace motherboard 
because some trace got severed somewhere.  So my personal opinion is to 
derack the entire thing if you can.
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