Does anyone have a SGI Onyx 10000 RealityEngine2?

Richard legalize at
Tue Sep 25 11:18:52 CDT 2007

Think carefully about deracking the Onyx 10K.  It has special
compression connectors that are very susceptible to small amounts of
dirt -- in particular you should never, ever touch the connector.  I
wouldn't want to derack all of that without having had experience
doing it.

When we moved the Onyx2 Reality Monster from the same location, we did
temporarily derack the topmost card cage in one of the 4 cabinets.
Once the cabinet was back on the truck, we put the cards back in the
rack.  The cards themselves are secured into the rack with screws, so
I really don't see them coming loose from road vibration.

The Onyx is a VME bus based cabinet and the cards are simple edge
connectors IIRC.

We moved 2 of the Onyx type refridgerator sized cabinets, 4 of the Onyx2
type 6' cabinets, and a deskside cabinet (smaller sized VME based box)
in a single move in a rented panel truck.  None of the machines show
any signs that anything vibrated loose during the trip, although none
of them have been thoroughly inspected or powered up since delivery,
but there is no obvious indication of anything having come loose.

All cabinets were cargo strapped against the interior walls of the
panel truck.

The trip was 1300 miles on interstate one way, so I'd say if anything
was going to come loose from road vibration, it would have done it.
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