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Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 10:01:14 PM, you wrote:

> Unfortunately, I don't believe that there is any way
> of really insuring a computer collection. And even if
> you did manage to buy insurance for your collection,
> getting them to pay up if something were to happen
> would be next to impossible.

I don't know about the other people around here but getting "time
value" for a precious piece of the collection made unuseable by theft
or "bad weather" just can't be paid for by any reasonable insured
amound of $$$.

> I recall a sad story posted here a couple years ago,
> about a collector whose house was hit by a car.
> Really. Someone (some drunk someone, IIRC) drove a car
> into the side of the house. Sizeable damage was done
> to the house, and a computer (a DEC PDP "straight" 8,
> I think) was destroyed in the process. I think the
> computer was covered by his insurance. But I don't
> know what the eventual outcome of it was, but I can't
> imagine that getting payment would have been easy. Or
> have helped.

Actually that should have been a problem of the guy (or that guys
insurance), at least for any commodity goods.

> Because where are you ever going to replace something like that?

There is my problem. Cash can help recover, but some things are lost
forever once they are lost.

What happens to the IRIS 3130 or the Profesional Iris if my parents
basement does drown? What happens if my current living area is going
down? There is an Onyx2, a *loaded* Onyx/RE2 w/Sirius, a Crimson/RE,
Indigo 2 in all flavours (R10K, R8K, R4400, R4600) here...

> Something like repairs to a house are easy to put a
> dollar value on. Materials and labor. Even things like
> vintage cars and antique furniture have a somewhat
> established pricing system. But computers?

There is a sad lack of possibilities of recovering from a damage...
compared to a broken old car (which is even simpler to repair once you
know the right guys).

> Is there even a way to have a computer collection
> insured?

For BIG CASH probably yes. ANYTHING can be insured, but there is the
part where you have to think about *real* risks, the money the
$company asks for and will spend and what ever good the cash-back will
do in case something rare breaks.

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