US imports (was: Re: Old mini computer (B80))

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Wed Sep 26 02:53:02 CDT 2007

How about 'museum pieces on loan for exhibition.'

Rod Smallwood

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jim s wrote:
> If you are bringing in something made in the USA then locate the "Made

> in USA" badges and show them to any interested customs agents.  There 
> are no duties on US made goods.  If the unit was not primarily 
> assembled in the US then show them a reciept showing how much you paid

> for it, and the age, and I doubt there would be any duty on it.

Hmm, I can see I'm going to have fun if I try to bring 10-15 UK machines
in (which are all 80s or older, but receipts? - haha!)

Unless of course it's different because it's stuff I've owned for years
(just not kept in the US) rather than items I've just acquired. Maybe
"personal belongings" is a different case...

I need to give a few shipping companies a prod I suppose and see what
their experiences are.

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