"Chuck" question

jim s jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Sun Sep 30 12:01:51 CDT 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>A friend forwarded this message to me and I agreed to post it.  
>Please note that she's an archivist and not a collector:
I suspect that whoever consults with the writing team pulled out TRS-80 
as a term that people watching the story would recognize as an early 
PC.  The writers are telling a story in 43 minutes of air time and try 
as they can to get this point across.

Also it is possible that the producers or directors changed it if the 
computer has to be used on camera, regardless of accuracy.

Someone elsewhere in this thread mentions that they have gone full scifi 
with accuracy.  This is again because they are storytelling, not filming 
a doumentary.

Sadly the writer and a lot of people who watch CSI think they are 
presenting the "real" story of forensic science capabilities which they 
are not.

There clearly is no good explanation for the tv writer as far as any 
real explanation.  I strongly suspect the producers and people on set, 
or clueless friends of the writers for the original mention.

I would think that they should have said Nintendo or Gameboy or such, 
but noone mentioned it during filming if they wanted something that 
could have been possible.


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