What is a FINO? Need about Vff.

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 17:03:18 CDT 2008

> Hi,
> Pls, have a look at this description of Signetics 25000 series 9046 XN 
> component: http://pichotjm.free.fr/humr/2.html
> Can you explain me, what is Vff?  Is it a good idea to decrease this voltage 

Almost certainly filament (heater) voltage. It should be 6.3V (rms AC, or 
I guess DC). Note the sudden vall in Iff if Vff much exceeds 6.3V -- this 
is _not_ reversable, if you get to this point, you'll never get much Iff 
through the same device in the future. 

> in order to increase reliability?

No. Too low a Vff leads to a poisoned cathode.

> But what will happen with our 50 Hz european supply?

It shoul;dn't make ay difference. Or at least it didn't when I used a 
related-technology device.


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