Looking for a M8330 or a couple of SN74194's

Rod Smallwood RodSmallwood at mail.ediconsulting.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 08:34:30 CDT 2008

I don't suppose you still have the old M8330 do you?


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Tony Duell wrote:
> DEC scheamtics have the odd error on them (I've heard it claimed said 
> errors are deliberate, either to stop the machine being copied, or as 
> copyright traps on the diagrams themselves). They're also somewhat 
> unconventionally drawn (flip-flops may appear to have 4 outputs!), but

> I've got used to them. I must say that if I need to re-draw a 
> sechematic, I use pen and paper, not a CAD system...
A year and a half ago I was playing with a PDP-8/e and trying to get an
EAE working with it. I ended up needing a later version M8330. My
original boards were rev 1 and the EAE didn't work until about rev 3. 
The drawings I found online were WAY different than the boards I had. 
For the EAE, it looked like there were some serious timing issues, so
the later board revisions were quite significant.

So, if your boards don't match the drawing rev, don't expect there to be
a match.


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