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Thu Apr 3 01:32:03 CDT 2008

Some time ago (two months? I forget) someone sent me the "LA180
DECprinter I Maintenance Manual" to scan.  Thanks to the good offices
of our very own Dave Dunfield, the 8½x11 pages were easy.  I finally
went through the foldout pages, scanning them with my flatbed.  What I
have not done: (1) where two scans were necessary to cover a whole page
(which was true of most of the foldout pages), I have not merged the
two scans into a single image file; (2) I have not interfiled them into
the PDF, largely because I've never bothered to create/find PDF
building/busting tools (the only PDF-aware software I have at hand is

However, the information is all there.  See - the .pdf is the
8½x11 scans; the scan.%03d.bz2 files are the scans of the foldout
pages.  I think the pages are in order - that is, if page N is before
page M, all scans of page N have lower numbers than any scan of page M.
Anyone who cares to is welcome to pick them up and put them somewhere
more appropriate, like bitsavers - I suspect anyone doing that would
want to do the things I mentioned above I didn't do, but, well, that
calls for a Princess Bride quote.[%]

Most of my scans were 300dpi 1bpp line-art scans.  Two pages came out
quite horrible when done that way; those I scanned as greyscale - you
can identify them by the file sizes (scan numbers 003/004 and 022/023,
as it happens).

Some small number of my scans (two, I think) actually fit on an 8½x11
page, just sideways.  Those scans have been rotated so they're
right-ways-up when the image file is viewed the usual way.

My scans are bzip2ed PBM (for the 1bpp) or PGM (for the greyscale)
files.  If someone needs something else, like TIFF or GIF, let me know
and I'll see what I can do.  Unfortunately the FTP daemon I'm running,
while it supports conversion on request, does not grok *removing*
suffixes to generate requested files.  If you need bunzip2ed versions
for some reason, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I still have the dead-tree version, so if you find anything that needs
rescanning or any such, it's not out of the question.

[%] "As you wiiiiiiiish!"

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