Dilog DQ132 question

John A. Dundas III dundas at caltech.edu
Thu Apr 3 10:52:21 CDT 2008

At 11:30 AM -0400 4/3/08, Dave McGuire wrote:
>On Apr 3, 2008, at 1:32 AM, tiggerlasv at aim.com wrote:
>>I guess my first question would be -
>>If you're running on an 11/83 under RSTS/E,
>>why WOULDN'T you want to use 22-bit addressing?
>   Well that was my thought...I've never used a 9-track drive on a 
>22-bit system running RSTS/E, so I was guessing a bit.  I thought 
>perhaps the driver might implement bounce buffers if the board was 
>operating in 18-bit mode.
>   Later last night (in total screaming frustration trying to get at 
>least ONE of my five 9-track drives working) I discovered that the 
>driver identifies the board correctly and says "extended features 
>disabled" in the HA LI output, then init disables the device.

Is _that_ particular device SYSGEN'd into the RSTS SIL you're 
attempting to run?  IIRC, the boot-time code (HA LI) will show all 
the devices it successfully identifies on the bus, but the RSTS image 
you try to run after that may not be (and usually isn't) configured 
to support all devices.  One good reason is because some of the 
magtape controllers use the same CSR but are otherwise incompatible. 
You may need to SYSGEN a new .SIL before you can actually use the 


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