Polymorphic System88 disk

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 8 00:13:29 CDT 2008

dwight elvey wrote:
> Hi All
>  I thought I'd talk about some of the fun I've been having
> to recover images from some disk.
>  The disk are 5.25 double density, hard sectored.
>  I started with a controller designed for the Polymorphic machine
> but for double density 8 inch disk.
... [ interesting war story snipped ] ...


I've gone through a similar amount of work to recover data off of some 
disks, only to find in the end that the disks contained nothing but back 
up copies of dental records or some such, while I had been hoping to 
find treasure.

Here's to hoping you turn up some interesting bytes.  (clink!)

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