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Fri Apr 11 13:35:22 CDT 2008

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> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 09:31:49 -0700
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> Those with big iron with high-current line-side requirements are
> advised to use the "one hand in a rear pocket" technique when poking
> around in a PSU.

Good idea, thanks for that.

Last time I poked around in one of my 1301's PSUs it was seven feet  
up in the air and I jiggled the stabiliser rack and the -22.6v,  
quarter inch bus bar touched the frame, showering me with sparks and  
burning a notch into the angle iron frame :-) Its not just AC that's  
dangerous on big iron. Over the years I've been bitten many times by  
240v and no ill effects but I get very careful when near the three  
phase 440v supply, or near car H.T. leads or any thermionic valves,  
especially CRTs.

Roger Holmes.

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