360/30 Console Display in Auckland, NZ

Lawrence Wilkinson ljw-cctech at ljw.me.uk
Sat Apr 12 14:18:05 CDT 2008

After many, many years part of the 360/30 has surfaced in the form of
the console on display at the University of Auckland Computer Science

If you follow the link in my signature, you can find a photo of the
console display.  Of course you will notice it's missing the proper
central two-piece knob, so if anyone knows were we can get one then let
me know.

Thanks to Bob Doran (one of my lecturers way back then) who organised

If anyone's in Auckland you may want to go and visit it! (As far as I
know it's at the City campus, so only a couple of minutes walk from
Queen Street.)  While you're in Auckland you should also visit MOTAT and
see the /40 and other goodies there.

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