Chris M chrism3667 at
Tue Apr 15 15:45:09 CDT 2008

--- scheefj at wrote:

> Chris,
> Thoughts on chess games? Would a Deep Blue
> emulator/simulator be 
> vintage? The original computer is more than ten
> years old. How fast 
> would it be on a modern PC

 So this thing exists? Zounds. 
> Somewhere I should have a DOS version of Chess
> Master.
> I only play using really lousy chess games because I
> lose too soon in 
> the "good" ones.

 I just started playing again, and phew do I stink. At
one time I wasn't all bad.

 No I guess this has nothing to do with the thread,
and I guess I should have started one concerning board
games in general, but on the topic of Tandy 2000s, a
guy at NASA wrote a Monopoly game for it years ago. I
know no one on this list is going to know what I'm
talking about, much less have an image of it though :(

> Jim
> woodelf wrote:
> > Chris M wrote:
> >> any thoughts on vintage chess games?
> >>
> >> I used to have one for my original Tandy 2000.
> Dang
> >> thing caused a memory parity error right in the
> middle
> >> of a game once. Luckily it was the parity chip
> that
> >> got zonked. I was so proud of myself after I
> fixed 'er
> >> back up.
> >
> > have it play chess with a PDP-8 :)
> >
> >>
> >

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