are there any 68000 multi-cpu systems out there?

davis davis at
Sat Apr 19 06:38:51 CDT 2008

Ray Arachelian wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, were there any machines out there that were 
> built from multiple MC68000's CPU's?
In 1983, Metheus corp, did the classic 68k X 2 cpus to fix the double 
bus fault problem on their VLSI design workstation.
I never could figure out how you could get the system into a double page 
data/code/stack fault in the exception handler, but it's a known 
problem.  It just seemed like a lot of bad hardware and OS chicken 
shit/walk the line porting of BSD.

I suspect the double 68K bus fault problem solution was a common 
Berkeley/USC  grad hack.

Metheus was killed by the 87 stock crash and poor hardware design and  
was purchased by ball computer in a fire sale.


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