tape drives

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Thu Apr 24 13:20:17 CDT 2008

I saw some conversation going by in here recently about Exabyte drives,  only 
the numbers don't sound anything like what I have,  which is marked "Model: 
HH CTS".  There are all sorts of other numbers on there,  for various aspects 
of it.

There are two of them,  and this was a part of a whole IBM SSA system that 
I've been dealing with bits of here.  Pushing open the little door I see 
something that sure looks like a helical-scan head,  though somewhat smaller 
than the one normally seen in a VCR.

I'm told that these hold 20G on a tape.  The guy I got 'em from unfortunately 
doesn't have any tapes to go along with them.  One of those tapes would back 
up pretty much of what I have on my LAN here,  or whole machines,  as they 
sit.  I'm guessing that the interface I'll be looking at after I take it off 
of the current mounting plate will be SCSI-wide,  like the CD drives and some 
of the other stuff I have with it.

Does anybody have any tapes that will work on these,  or can any of you guys 
point me toward where I could get a hold of some without getting into crazy 
expense?  I'd sure like to make some backups with one of these units.

Think I can get 'em going under linux?  :-)

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