WTB: Emulex MT-02 controller

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 15:05:12 CDT 2008

> > I think the QIC-bridges go the other way.  I've got a Wangtek QIC-36-

Most of them certainly do. QIC02 to the host and QIC36 to the drive.

I have (and still use) an old Archive Sidewinder drive. It's old enough 
that it's 8" form factor, and needs +5V and +24V. On the metal frame is 
the drive iteslf and a stacked pair of PCBs that form the controller. The 
interface to the host is QIC02, the interface between the drive and 
controller is QIC36 (or something very close to it). 

> > to-QIC-02 bridge board (QIC-36 is the "basic stupid" interface, while 
> > QIC-02 is the "intelligent buffered" interface).
> Entirely possible. I've got various QIC drives that I use occasionally, but 
> nothing that's '02 or '36.
> I suppose in theory the protocol/interface might be documented somewhere such 
> that a suitable high-speed parallel port (of sufficient data width) might be 
> able to talk to a QIC-02 drive - but that's a lot of effort for something that 
> then wouldn't be particularly portable.

The QIC02 interface is pretty simple. 8 data lines and a handful of 
control/handshake lines (I think fewer than 8 of those). The control 
lines, from what I remmeber are all unidirecional (obviously some from 
drive to host, others from host to dive), the data lines are 
bidirectional (but all in the same direaction at any given time).

I think the interface can be bit-banged. If not (i.e. there are some 
critical timings), then it's can be handled with a very little amount of 
logic. The PERQ QIC02 interface is a handful of TTL chips, I managed to 
fit it in the prototyping area of a OIO board

I would be suprised if the QIC02 specificiation isn't avaiable somewhere...


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