IBM DisplayWriter DOS

Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Apr 24 16:08:49 CDT 2008

Speaking of Ampro Littleboards...they're probably the
easiest way to render a DWer peecee compatible. Open
it up, *drop* one in...and wala. You'll need a new
keyboard presumably, and I'm assuming the monitor
supplied is roughly equivalent to a 5151. And the
Littleboards could take ISA-8 bit cards...via the
edition of a *motherboard* if you will.

--- Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:

> If there was a package that could make the
> Displaywriter work as a
> terminal for a PC, then the marketing people would
> probably market that PC
> as "a peripheral for your DisplayWriter that lets
> your DisplayWriter run
> DOS"!
> I'm serious.
> Exactly that was done to peddle Ampro LittleBoards,
> Quarks, etc. to
> Macintosh owners!   "A drive that you can add to
> your Macintosh, that lets
> your Macintosh run PC software".
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