segmented memory models

Jim Battle frustum at
Sat Aug 2 23:04:56 CDT 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> If you haven't yet, by all means research the 432--the architecture 
> is about as far from the 8080/8086 family as one could get.  Perhaps 
> a picture of what the PC (at least the advanced models) might have 
> been.

I'm surprised that the intel specs for it haven't been scanned and put 
online somewhere.  Just about all other intel databooks have made it 
online, so I don't know why the 432 is exempt.  Or maybe I'm just not 
looking hard enough.  I have no real need to see it; just passing curiosity.

The list's Eric Smith appears to have the most comprehensive webpage 
about the 432:

but even it doesn't contain the datasheets and manuals -- just the names 
of all the data sheets and manuals that are known.

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