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Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Tue Aug 5 22:11:53 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 22:52, James Fogg wrote:
> > > I find almost anything old to be interesting. Lately I've been
> > > looking at old vacuum tube intercoms (the kind with art deco cases).
> >
> > What make?  I'll bet I have manuals for some of that stuff...
> I like Rauland and Bogen, the Bakelite years. I'm watching eBay to see
> what comes up.

Have a look here,  then:

and search on either of those brand names.  :-)

> Lately I'm spending a lot of time in the barn with some new horses and
> goats. I don't want to run a PBX extension to the barn, but an intercom
> is appealing. A lightning strike on a PBX extension would ruin my day. A
> tube type intercom is more likely to survive, especially a wireless one
> (carrier current I think is what they called that wireless method using
> power lines). Also, an intercom would let me monitor audio in the barn
> to see if everyone is getting along well in my absence.

I've often had similar thoughts about these teenagers that keep coming around 
here to keep my two oldest granddaughters company.  (Evil grin  :-)

> My other choice is a pair of VoIP capable routers and an 802.11 wireless
> bridge in the barn. I'll use the routers in an OPX configuration to the
> PBX.

That's a bit much,  I'd say.  Unless you just happen to have a bunch of that 
sort of thing already hanging around,  which I don't.

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