HP 5036A microprocessor lab - searching for copy of "Practical Microprocessors"

Stuart Johnson ssj152 at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 6 12:50:23 CDT 2008



I have only the one copy. I have seen other copies sold on eBay, but  
have not been willing to pay the $100 USD or more that they have sold  
for. It is really a shame that no one has been able or willing to have  
one scanned, but that would take a LOT of work - the manual is over an  
inch thick. Without proper OCR it would be a PDF of pictures, which  
load very slowly and would make the scan huge. I've seen quite a few  
manuals done this way and they aren't nearly as usable as the OCR'd  

I thought about scanning mine back in 2003, and even bought a flat-bed  
scanner w/OCR software, but it wasn't up to the job at that time.  
Better equipment and software would have been necessary, along with  
cutting away the spine of the manual. Today there are better and more  
affordable solutions, but I am not up to doing it as my health has  
forced me to retire.

I'm not willing to sell my manual in case anyone is wondering, sorry.

This looks like an opportunity for someone with the manual, proper  
equipment, and time - anyone?

Simon, do you have the required setup to do this without damaging the  

Stuart Johnson

On Aug 6, 2008, at 9:38 AM, cctalk-request at classiccmp.org wrote:

> Hi Stuart,
> This is a long shot, but here goes...
> I have an HP5036A lab, but lack the book.
> Searching, I found this on a forum from way back in 2003:
> "Yes, I managed to get a manual, by watching auctions on eBay. In  
> fact, I
> bought another HP 5036A plus manual and let the seller keep the  
> hardware to
> save shipping costs from England to the US. The manual is softcover  
> and
> would not be easy to copy without cutting the spine off, which would  
> ruin
> its value.
> Don't give up, though. I know someone that has a manual that has  
> been cut up
> and copied and I'm trying to get it so that I can make an Acrobat  
> PDF file
> of it. Stuart Johnson"
> I don't suppose you ever got a .pdf copy scanned?
> Just interested.
> Cheers,
> Simon Coleby
> Customer Service Centre.
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