IBM Model M keyboard spares

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Liam Proven wrote:
> /The/ classic PC keyboard, IMHO.

The Model M came out *waay* after the PC.  The 84-key is the one for the 
PC.  I don't think the Model M is even compatible with the PC.

Peace...  Sridhar


People reverently talk about the Model M as though there was only one;
in fact there were probably almost 50 different versions, including at least
one for the late model XT (no indicator lights) and I *think* that at least one 
version was dual-mode as well.


To the OP:

I have a few different ones in the scrap pile somewhere, if you can send me
a picture of yours; does it have the removable keycaps?

I understand that replacing the spacebar on one of the older Model Ms 
is a bit of a challenge BTW.


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