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Gene Buckle geneb at
Thu Aug 7 11:48:34 CDT 2008

>> 300 baud was great for reading messages
> I don't know - I didn't mind 2400 for that as it was "instant enough" for 
> email-sized message download (it just annoyed me for other uses), but I 
> suspect that I'd find 300 "too slow".
Spend some time on a Citadel.  It was actually ok.  1200 is readable but 
you need to pay really close attention. :)

>> , but it sucked hard when doing a full-disk transfer (Punter!) on a C-64.
> Gah, I bet! I've done hard disk transfers at 9600 in recent times, and that 
> was slow enough.
The 1541 disks were 170k or so and took *forever* it seemed. :)

>>  The sad thing is that the net
>> has degraded into such a spam fest that real boards are starting to look 
>> pretty attractive again. 
> I keep thinking about that. It's not only the spam, but the threats from ISPs 
> to start watching what we do, the users who don't know how to protect their 
> machines properly, or the people who over-stress the system at the expense of 
> everyone else. It's a far cry from what it used to be!

A ton of effort has gone into using old bbs programs and platforms on the 
'net.  There are a number of tools like this: which is used to put real C-64's up on the 
net running a bbs.  There are other programs out there that do similar 
things, including fancy device drivers that look like a modem & comm port 
to windows, but there's a socket on the other end instead of a modem.

Many of the older bbs programs that have source available were done using 
Turbo Pascal and those are easily recompiled under Linux using FPC.  I've 
actually built a port of Telegard 2.7 that runs perfectly under Linux.

The only thing that is missing form most of these "glue" solutions is 
encryption.  It wouldn't be too hard to build a version that used SSH 
instead of regular telnet...


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