Forgotten PC History

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> I don't mean to repost, but I had not seen this posted as yet:
Does that bring back Memories. My first Computer job was for a Data 
Processing Outfit in New Jersey as a Computer room Operator. One day 
they brought in a Machine "Datapoint 2200" and I said I can program 
that. I had gone to a Programmers school a couple of years before. I at 
some point dumped the Datapoint's 8K of memory to the Printer then 
decoded it and re-assembled a program written in Assembly to intake 
three 11 line screens of data. It had Interrupts and You could even back 
track fields to correct them. Took me six months. Gave it to the Rep who 
eventually slid it into the Round File where some of my Best work ended 
up over the years. Wish I had been able to save the listing. The Manual 
for the editor said "Go have a cup of coffee while your files were being 
copied from the rear cassette to the front. I was still working on the 
Datapoint's in 1979 when I left the firm and moved to Wisconsin. I moved 
on to CP/M then the PC's as well as Learning how to Program for the IBM 
Series/1 in EDL. Now there was a Language. Still got a 110 Volt IBM 4952 
in the Basement but never got it running. Wish I could find a GURU who 
could help me get it up and running. Kick my self for not doing it back 
in the early 90's when I brought it home. I was doing consulting on the 
Series/1 then but didn't find the time.
Oh Well
Bob in Wisconsin

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