More ETH Lilith goodies available

Julian Skidmore julianskidmore at
Sun Aug 10 14:55:52 CDT 2008

Hi folks,

>CPLD's are cheap and easy to program now days.
> I suspect getting high speed 2901's and proms
> for any micro-programed machine is tricky.

Over the past 6 to 9 months I've become rather intrigued about Lilith.

One of the great things about the design of MCode (the Lilith's stack-based bytecode) is that it lends itself to being emulated directly by a Microcontroller, rather than emulating the machine at a Microcode level (170ns / microinstruction).

My preliminary calculations imply that a low-end 60MHz ARM Microcontroller attached to 128k (or 256K of RAM) could emulate a Lilith in this way at full-speed even if it didn't have a proper memory bus (i.e you access the RAM via I/O Ports).

> I suspect 16bit addressing and data seems to be the limiting
> factor of this design.

The later Liliths accessed memory as 2 banks of 64KW => 256Kb in total.

>>> But can one build the hardware from scratch?
>>> None of this software emulation.

Well, I suppose the ARM version would be software emulation, but on the other hand, it's a dedicated hardware / software combination and it'd probably give you a Lilith for around $12!

... I wonder if MIT & India would be interested ;-)

-cheers from Julz @P


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