Computer collectors are no longer the dweebiest people in the

Stephane Tsacas stephane.tsacas at
Mon Aug 11 09:05:59 CDT 2008

2008/8/7 Sellam Ismail <sellam at>

> Tony blathered:
> > I don't collect in the hope that I'll be able to sell them later for
> > more money.
> No, Tony, I believe you are entirely unique in this regard as everyone
> else subscribed here is just in it for the money.
Well, even if I wish, I won't be able to make money out of any vintage
computer, because I'm in France, and there is not much to collect here, or
it's very expensive. And given the ratio USD/Euro, I'm on the wrong side.

Now, if someone has a small 11/23 (or 03) for sale, make me an offer ;-)
(I'll glady accept a vax11/750 if you're in Paris or nearby)


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