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I've found numerous references to a MCS-51 Tiny BASIC for the 8051.
Apparently it is 3 Kbytes so I would definitely put it in the Tom Pittman
category for Tiny BASICs.

Best regards, Steven

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> Eric Smith wrote:
> > It's in 2.5KB of ROM, so it's definitely a tinier BASIC than in the
> > competing Intel 8051AH-BASIC and Zilog Z8671, both of which had 4KB of
>    Was there in fact an 8051AH-BASIC?  I've worked extensively with
> 8052AH-BASIC, and have never heard of an 8051 version.  The 8052 has 8KB
> of ROM, compared to the 8051's 4KB.  The BASIC interpreter filled...and
> I mean FILLED...that 8KB.  It's extraordinarily dense code.
>    The Z8671's BASIC, on the other hand, fits in the first 2KB of ROM on
> that chip.
>                 -Dave

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